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The Lending of parts from Torpedo system 45 to Finland

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Photo: Finnish Defense Forces Navy

The Cooperation regarding torpedo systems for ASW between Sweden and Finland has now effected the lending of parts of the Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) Torpedo System 45. The cooperation follows the planning that has been agreed. Finland lends the parts from torpedo system 45 from the SwAF until deliveries of torpedo system 47 from Saab Dynamics.

Last week ships from the Finnish Defense Forces conducted a protected sea transport with parts of the torpedo equipment Finland have lended from Sweden. The transport was one part with the aim at making Torped 45 operative onboard the Finnish vessel FNS Tornio already from the autumn of 2019.

Some weeks ago, a ship from the Finnish Armed Forces (FDF) Muskö Örlogsbas arrived and loaded parts of the SwAF Torpedo System 45. The work proceeded at a good pace and the ship went off after a few hours of work with loading and cargo securing. Another ship from FDF met up at the territorial waters and escorted the ship back to Finland.

Now that lending has begun and parts of torpedo system 45 are in Finland, work on integration continues on board the Finnish surface combat vessel FNS Tornio, where the torpedo system is expected to be in operational operation at the end of the year.

The cooperation between Finland and Sweden concerns a number of areas connected to torpedo systems for ASW. Ranging from the lending of torpedo systems 45 to collaborative development, verification, integration and training of torpedo system 47 as well as future cooperation during the entire life cycle of torpedo system 47. The ambition is that both nations will work together during the life cycle of the system to together achieve a higher operational effect at a lower cost to the countries defense forces.

Torped 45 materiel loaded and secured on the ship from FDF before the transport. Photo: FMV

– The lending of Torped 45 is an important step for the Finnish navy with the aim of achieving the ability to effectively combat submarines, says Roger Lundkvist, head of the Weapons Systems unit at the Department of Underwater Combat Systems at FMV.

In order for the lending to be completed, extensive work was required with inventories, register maintenance, maintenance reviews, packing and transport as well as documentation in which personnel from the SwAF Naval HQ / Marine Workshop, transport company and the FDF as well as FMV and Saab Dynamics AB participated. During the spring, Saab Dynamics also conducted training courses for the Finnish Armed Forces so that they can handle and use Torpedo systems 45 in a correct way. The SwAF and FMV have provided the necessary support for these training courses.

– A key to the success was to involve all stakeholders early in the planning, so that all knowledge and experience could be used and used to prepare the packing, transport and also for future use in Finland, says Roger Lundkvist.

FMV and the SwAF will also, as part of the collaboration, support the continued integration and verification work being carried out in Finland during the autumn.

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