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  • CSEC - Swedish Certification
    Body for IT Security

    CSEC - Swedish Certification Body for IT Security

CSEC operates as Sweden`s national certification body for IT Security in products and systems according to the standard Common Criteria, CC. CSEC issues internationally recognised certificates.

Common Criteria

  • Is used to formulate security requirements on IT security
  • Is used for impartial evaluation of IT security
  • Has an international recognition by the leading countries in IT security
  • Is formally standarised as ISO/IEC 15408
  • Is developed in close cooperation between IT security authorities in several countries
  • Is considered mandatory for IT products in critical infrastructures in several countries
  • Is applied in several sectors such as defense, finance, healthcare, transport and communication

What does CSEC do?

  • Operates and administrates rules for evaluation of IT security in products and systems according to the CC
  • License facilities that evaluate IT security in products and systems according to these rules
  • Supervise these facilities and support them in the evaluation process
  • Certifies products used by the Swedish Defense among others
  • Collaborates internationally with other certification bodies and safety authorities
  • Promote better knowledge of CC and why CC should be used as a framework for evaluation IT security products and systems

Read more about the history and background about CSEC.

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