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    FMV personnel

Procurement is central for FMV. We put together the specification, announce the procurement, receive bids, evaluate potential suppliers, evaluate the tenders, publish information about the selected provider, reach agreement and follow up the implementation.

What does FMV procure?

FMV procures both goods and services. The procurements are often in the technology area and for the long-term. Weapon systems, such as aircrafts, ships or tanks, are developed in stages over several years.

Acquisition work includes studies of various options, analyses, planning, design, construction and monitoring. We also procure a large amount of services by qualified consultants.

The procured goods are used in defence training, exercise and maintenance activities, or placed in storage to be used in a crisis or war. Some equipment is also used in the Swedish Armed Forces' peacekeeping operations in the context of Sweden's involvement in international collaborations.

How does FMV procure?

Since FMV is a public procurement authority, there are rules and principles that FMV has to follow. The main framework is the Public Procurement Act (LOU) that applies to all public organisations. FMV also complies with the law for the procurement of defence and security (LUFS).

The basic principles of both laws are a businesslike approach, competition and objectivity. The framework also includes rules about procurement, tendering, confidentiality, bid opening, the qualification of tenderers and the award of contracts, etc. FMV shall also check that a new supplier is registered for VAT and does not have tax liabilities.

FMV also signs general agreements with suppliers for the Swedish Armed Forces and other governmental authorities.

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Procurements intended not only for defense purposes, and that  exceeds an official threshold of 1,234,000 SEK, are advertised in the EU’s Official Journal:
The Official Journal- link opens in new window